About Occupy Your Heart & This Blog

This is a place for resource sharing among people doing spiritually-based economic justice work.  It is not a place for debate, or even dialog, no matter how juicy or virtuous.  There are plenty of other places for that.

That said, I invite you to use comments to add your relevant info with gusto.

Here’s some background.

Occupy Your Heart is a new and experimental Economic Justice Program at First Unitarian Church of Orlando (a Unitarian Universal congregation).

Based on a program dealing with peace that I have led in the past, the program offers an opportunity for participants to engage in meaningful reflection, conversation, education, and action around the issue of economic justice so alive in our world today.

Although things will likely evolve, the program is currently scheduled for 2 hours late on Sunday afternoon and includes 30 minutes each of:

Meditation (silent and spoken)

Check-In (How is your heart with the state of the world?)

Education (on a topic relevant to economic justice)

Action Planning (What are people moved to do, if anything, in the coming week?)

I would welcome suggestions of resources and well as ideas and experiences of others engaged in similar endeavors.

As I always take responsibility for my corner of the web, I will delete postings in contradiction to this purpose.


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